NEW YORK, NY: June 15, 2016—Here are some of the questions I’ll be thinking about as I walk Licensing Expo in Las Vegas next week:

  1. How will Disney replace the incredible revenue stream that Star Wars, Marvel, and Frozen merchandise have generated in the past three years? (Notes: If historic trends hold, the second Star Wars film in the current series is not likely to generate the same merchandise sales as the first. As for Marvel, superheroes are cycling out in a natural pattern. It will be another generation before that genre is ripe for the next go-round. Superheroes won’t disappear, but they won’t have the same impact on merchandise sales for a while.)
  2. Which new digital celebrities or other properties will still be popular when their licensing programs hit retail?
  3. Which ones that were hits last year are having an impact now?
  4. What are the success factors for digital properties vs. those that emerge from traditional media? Toys? Brands? Art? Sports? Fashion?
  5. Will more niche properties get a foothold, thanks to the fragmented media and retail environments? Or is “the long tail” a mirage?
  6. Does the celebrity-based capsule collection trend have legs? (I expect to see more and more of these. Good differentiators for retail, and good testing ground for broader programs.)
  7. Which agencies will raise the capital to acquire brands (or stakes in brands) of their own, reversing the business model of Iconix, Authentic, Sequential and the not-so-little engine that does…PVH?
  8. What would brand ownership do to the agency business model, which is already under pressure to add services outside their core expertise, not to mention to compete for consulting revenue by representing manufacturers?
  9. Speaking of Iconix/Authentic/Sequential: Is that business model viable long-term (again, works for PVH, which has been at it for years)? Where are the fault lines, doubters?

And my questions for you:

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Or just be in touch so we can say hello, clink waters in the hall, and you can let me know what your questions are!

Have a great show — and watch this space for my reports from the floor.