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Ira Mayer’s knowledge and vast network of contacts and connections in the licensing business are rooted in his 25+ years as publisher and executive editor of The Licensing Letter, Entertainment Marketing Letter, and other newsletters and research studies.

As a consultant, Ira conducts competitive research and assists companies in the licensing business in extending product lines, expanding distribution, and opening new markets.

Ira lectures widely on retail and consumer trends; provides executive and academic education; and conducts retail tours focused on the competition among licensed, national and private label brands.

For more about Ira, including his two decades as a rock and roll critic, click here.

Inadvertent Case Study: Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Lifestyle Brand - BROOKLYN, NY; February 11, 2018—One of the best inadvertent case studies of a licensing program I can recall ostensibly centers on the imminent Broadway opening of Jimmy Buffett’s musical “Escape to Margaritaville.” But the guts of the piece are about “the Margaritaville® Mesquite BBQ Rub:” how Buffett the millionaire maintains the “authenticity” of his heavily […]
Driving Living History Forward With National Geographic Consumer Products - ACROSS THE UNITED STATES; July 17, 2017—Rarely do you literally drive head-on into the challenges and opportunities of licensing as my wife Riva and I did this summer. The property: National Geographic, founded in 1888. Tracing the route: Start with an elaborate, beautifully orchestrated presentation at Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, an early stop on […]
What to Look For Between the Aisles and Behind the Curtains at Licensing Expo 2017 - NEW YORK, NY; MAY 20, 2017—It’s not the carefully worded polished press releases or the beautifully choreographed licensee summits that generate the “news” of Licensing Expo. It’s in how the companies behind those releases and events complement, contrast and compete with each other that the trendlines can be discerned. Here’s what to look for behind […]
Licensing Into The Home - NEW YORK, NY; April 19, 2017—Celebrity designer Nikki Chu posted a piece of wall art on Instagram recently and received 45 requests asking where to purchase it within 10 minutes. “People are hungry for the instant gratification of buying the products they see online,” Chu said as part of an International Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association […]
Uncertainty Of ‘Trumponomics’ Shapes Discussions At NYC Licensing Summit - NEW YORK, NY; March 6, 2017—Sequential Brands Group’s Yehuda Shmidman did his best to put a positive contextual spin on the current state of retail at Li©ense Global’s sold out NYC Summit last week. Even if you didn’t agree with all of his assumptions, he made a compelling case for a future (five-plus years from […]
Walking The Winter Shows: Toy Fair, AmericasMart & NY Now - BROOKLYN, NY; FEBRUARY 24, 2017—“What did you see that was new?” “What’s exciting?” Those are the questions anyone who has walked a trade show of any kind is asked in the aisles and at cocktail receptions once the floor closes. And hardened show attendees, even though they, too, ask those questions, know the answer: “Not […]
What’s Craftsman Worth Without Sears? What’s Sears Worth Without Craftsman? - NEW YORK, NY; January 6, 2017—Is Craftsman worth anything without Sears? Stanley Black & Decker is placing a $900 million bet the answer will be yes. And a corollary question: Is Sears worth anything without Craftsman and sister store brands Kenmore and Die-Hard? It’s no surprise that Sears has sold its Craftsman brand of tools. […]
Fearless Forecast 2017:The Need For Speed and Other Challenges/Opportunities - NEW YORK, NY: December 19, 2016—I’ve been formally asking marketers about the challenges and opportunities for the year ahead at least since 1988 (before that if you want to limit it to music, home video, and video games). And I’ve been fashioning the responses into an annual (more or less) Fearless Forecast ever since. Truth […]
Let’s Prognosticate - BROOKLYN, NY; December 7, 2016—Here’s a two-question survey to help assess where the licensing and merchandising business is headed in 2017. Please respond by December 12th; I’ll post an analysis plus my observations later that week.
If You Don’t Like the (Licensed) Luxe of It… - If it looks like licensing, tastes like licensing, smells like licensing and feels like licensing, is it licensing? Not necessarily for a range of luxury brand collaborations and partnerships, says Unity Marketing’s luxury marketing guru Pam Danziger in The Robin Report. In the article, Pam and I explore the question in the context of examples […]