How It Works

Ira works with you and your team to structure your query so that you get actionable data and information at the most reasonable cost. He’ll often suggest additional information you can acquire in the course of the research at no additional cost.

Ira’s network of licensing professionals includes a wide array of highly knowledgeable experts he can call on to partner with him, forming just the right team for your inquiry.

Ira’s goal is to help you make research-based go/no-go decisions in the most timely manner possible. Most projects take 3-6 weeks, not because they require that number of 40-hour weeks but because you have to allow time for scheduling and conducting multiple personal interviews, for store visits, and for researching competitive performance. Of course, sometimes there is a time-sensitive need, and Ira will do his best to meet your timeframe.

You will receive the answers to your specific questions, whether in a spreadsheet with analysis or as written report (narrative or PowerPoint, as appropriate). You will NOT receive a 400-page brick with generic background information. As practical, you’ll have check-in calls with Ira to review progress so that you can adjust the inquiry based on initial findings.

Put Ira’s extensive network of contacts & connections to work for you. While Ira doesn’t negotiate deals on your behalf, he can often identify and introduce you to the “best in class” partners you want to work with.

The cost of competitive research depends on the depth of the project. As a broad guideline, there is a $3,500 minimum per project. Most projects range from $7,500 to $25,000, plus expenses. Ira will provide you with an upfront estimate. Half is payable upon signing a letter of agreement, the balance upon delivery of the final report. In limited instances it is appropriate to establish a longer-term relationship based on monthly retainer. There are no percentages or recurring fees.

To contact Ira, use the following form:

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