Ira Mayer and long-time colleague Karen Raugust offer corporate and academic education about consumer products and services licensing, customizing the content and format to suit the needs of your organization.


  • Exclusive video interviews with leading figures from the licensing community enhance the instructors’ presentations.
  • Case studies provide real-world applications.
  • Mall and/or specific store tours are integrated, as appropriate. Mall tours involve visiting a variety of stores revealing how licensed merchandise is marketed relative to national and private label brands.
  • Unique course packs are custom-designed to meet the objectives of the hosting organization.
  • Individual and group projects augment instruction (except for Executive Briefings).
  • Career trajectories are discussed, as appropriate
  • All presentations are tailored to the individual organization, whether corporation, league, trade association, bar group, educational institution, or other.

The following are illustrative of the types of programs available. Let us know your specific interests.


  • Executive Briefing. 1-4 hours, including Q&A, for C-level executives. The Briefing reviews:

—The roles licensing plays in the corporate mission, such as revenue generation, line extensions, IP protection, opening new markets, etc.;

—Key data about the size the of licensing business overall and as it pertains to your company;

—The critical importance of integrated efforts on the part of marketing, sales, finance, legal, creative, procurement, R&D, and other departments to the success of your licensing programs;

—High-level consumer and retail trends impacting your business.

  • Training Workshop. Full-day for a group, typically 20-40 individuals from multiple departments within the organization. The workshop emphasizes the contribution of shared resources and inter-departmental cooperation to the achievement of company, divisional, and personal goals.

The morning consists of the Executive Briefing, as above; for the afternoon, the participants are broken into small groups to develop a licensing program. The programs are orally presented to the instructors and appropriate senior managers, as available, who critique the proposals.

Half- to full-day mall tours focused on licensing are highly recommended for addition to Executive Briefings and Training Workshops.

Personal mall tours are also an excellent way to introduce executives new to licensing about the extent of the business as well as to help celebrities looking to establish lifestyle brands, brand managers, and others to understand the competitive environment.


These programs can also be structured to appeal to both students and licensing professionals looking to broaden their knowledge and further their careers.

  • Immersion Weekend. 16 class hours over 2-3 days as part of a certificate program or credited course. Immersion weekends are ideal for intra-session courses and schools of continuing and professional studies.
  • Full-credit Course. 35 class-hours presented over 5 days as an intra-session undergraduate or professional studies course. Tailored for majors including business; entertainment, sports, and fashion marketing; and fine or graphic arts.

Representative Curriculum

  1. What is Consumer Products & Services Licensing?
    1. Definitions
    2. Benefits of licensing
  1. Financial Impact of Licensing
    1. Size of business
    2. Royalty rates
    3. Advances, minimum guarantees
    4. Alternative payment structures
    5. Legal protection
  1. Types of intellectual property most often licensed for consumer products and services
    1. Trademarks/Corporate Brands
    2. Fashion designers/labels
    3. Sports teams, leagues, competitions
    4. Entertainment, including TV, film, music, video games, digital properties
    5. Art & artists
    6. Publishing
  1. Most commonly licensed product categories
    1. Apparel/Accessories/Footwear
    2. Toys
    3. Food/Beverages
    4. Health & Beauty Aids
    5. Consumer Electronics
    6. Books/Comics/Newspapers/Magazines
  1. Retailing of licensed merchandise
    1. Mass merchants including Walmart & Target
    2. Department stores such as Macy’s & JCPenney
    3. Specialty stores encompassing Toys R Us, Uniqlo & Cabela’s
    4. Dollar and other ‘value channel’ stores
    5. E-commerce and other direct-to-consumer channels
    6. Direct-to-retail license agreements
  1. Mall tour
  2. Global licensing trends
  3. Group project developing licensing programs

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