Competitive Research & Consulting

Looking for new revenue streams? To expand into new channels of distribution? Extend product lines? Protect your intellectual property in non-core businesses? Justify adding your property or product line to the mix? Establish where the “white space” is that competitive brands aren’t serving?

Put Ira Mayer’s vast knowledge of the licensing business, insight into consumer and retail trends, and wide-ranging network of contacts and connections to work for you:

  • Benchmarking your prospects against real-world examples through identification and valuation of licensing programs with similar profiles to what you are planning;
  • Identifying which of your competitors’ brands or products need to be “pushed off the shelf” so you get on;
  • Optimizing your product development, marketing, and sales efforts to develop market entry strategies for new licensed properties or product lines;
  • Establishing what the optimal brick-and-mortar and online retail channels are for new and existing programs;
  • Expanding your reach by finding the global territories with the best growth potential for your program;
  • Discovering which brands, entertainment properties, artists or artworks, celebrities, sports leagues/teams/athletes, or others are ripe for fresh licensing opportunities within your product range;
  • Assuring that your financial and other goals are on target through an extensive review of your business plans and proposals;
  • Managing internal and external expectations so that everyone recognizes what your licensing program can realistically be expected to contribute to your company’s success;
  • Pinpointing the best business partners for your programs, and more.

With more than 25 years experience tracking the licensing business, and a total of 40 years tracking consumer and retail trends, Ira is singularly qualified to assess the competitive landscape for your licensing ventures.

Ira will help you develop a solid research-based business case for your property or products. And his extensive contacts with key players in every sector can lead to invaluable introductions.

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