Using a mock fashion show-cum-blogger-reality-show-competition as a format, the NFL introduced the first Super Bowl 50th anniversary women’s wear tonight at a spacious gallery in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. The event featured three fashion bloggers — Christine Bibbo Herr (NYC Pretty), Liz Black (PS Its Fashion), and Heather Zeller (A Glam Slam) — designing outfits built around Super Bowl 50 shirts and sweaters for the models for athleisure, date night, etc. The Super Bowl 50 merchandise goes on sale October 15th.

Here are some of the shirts, along with a pair of non-Super Bowl shoes that would complete any look, and a few of the new team shirts for this year.

NFL shirt3 NFL shirt2 NFL shirt1

NFL Shoes NFL shirt5 NFL shirt4

Apparel licensees represented at the media event included Majestic, GIII, ’47 Brand, and Junk Food along with Lulu DK Tattoos. The latter retail for $9.99, are applied with water, and last 4-6 days.

The NFL estimates that 45% of its fans are women, though men’s wear continues to account for a much higher percentage of merchandise sales. I estimate the league did about $3.4 billion at retail worldwide in the 2014-2015 season.