“Storage” – as in ways to tote your toys around – has always been an adjunct to multi-part toys. I remember my sister’s Ginny doll and its film star trunk carrying case in which different outfits traveled on hangers, with room for the doll itself as well.

Storage containers that have been more utilitarian are taking on more style again, with some toy companies making their own cases, and others such as LEGO and Hasbro, licensing others to do so.

I think there are opportunities to create home display items for adult and kid toy collectors, too. Mattel’s Matchbox had a clear half-tube on a wall that displayed probably a couple of hundred Matchbox cars. It was decoration for the booth – but could be equally at home…at home.

I bet a lot of dads who still have their collections would love that idea. So might kids who dump their cars or action figures in a box anyway. This way they’d be able to see them.